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Cleansheet is a goalkeeper coaching guide for everyone.

Offering two separate guides full of drills and technique tips, helping your goalkeepers become the best they can be. With drills only including standard equipment such as hockey balls and cones, it is a guide accessible to all playing levels.

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basic skills required for goalkeepers of all abilities.

  • Basic Skills with Photo Examples
  • 30 Drill Plans
  • Organised into Each Skill
  • All with Coaching Points


basic and advanced skills required for goalkeepers.

  • Basic Skills with Photo Examples
  • Advanced Skills with Photo Examples
  • 50 Drill Plans
  • Organised into Each Skill
  • 5 Home Footwork Drills
  • All with Coaching Points
  • App version with video and animation

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Cleansheet gives the necessary information to provide my goalkeepers with the correct coaching tips to help them learn new techniques and helps me to notice bad habits quickly and easily.
Joel Cathcart - Hockey Coach for Ireland u16s, Ulster u18s and Ulster University
This guide gives the basic information required to deliver a great goalkeeper session when we don't have access to a specialised coach. Would highly recommend.
Shirelle Wilson - Hockey Coach and P.E. Teacher at Sullivan Upper School
Cleansheet has given me the ability to provide coaching tips to my goalkeepers quickly and easily along with being able to offer them home drills to do for footwork and reactions.
Louise Murray - Hockey Coach and P.E. Teacher at Ballyclare High School
Cleansheet is the perfect guide for me and my coaches, we don't have time to plan a session for every age group and ability. This guide is organised and I can easily find one of the 55 quality drills provided that will suit me and my goalkeeper's needs.
Rachel Kerr - Coordinator of Goalkeeper Academy

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